McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research set to publish a leukemia research study dedicated to Eric

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Pictured above: Eric and Mike with Dr. Jing Zhang and Dr. James Shull

May 17, 2013 – A year and half ago, Eric McLean and his older brother gave $10,000 on behalf of L.I.F.E. to a promising leukemia research study at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research being conducted by Dr. Jing Zhang.  Today Dr. Zhang wrote back with the following message:

“After several months of hard work, we finally finished the testing of a novel combo therapy in our leukemia mouse model. We show that this new therapy could provide long-term disease free survival. This work was initiated by the generous donation from LIFE. We cannot thank you enough for this. As I mentioned earlier, we would like to dedicate the publication to Eric. We are preparing the manuscript now. If you have some time to stop by my office, I would like to share our results with you ahead of publication.

Meanwhile, highly encouraged by our exciting results, we are collaborating with a research group at the Cincinatti Children’s Research Hospital to test this novel treatment in humanized immunocompromised mice engrafted with real human leukemia cells. Although I am successful in obtaining funding to support my research group, the significant budget cut from federal governments greatly hinders my capacity to carry on this pilot study. I am wondering if LIFE would be interested in continuously support our effort.

Thanks for your consideration. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


It has been an honor to support her efforts, and it is even more exciting to know that their research is about to make it to the next step.  Thank you everyone for supporting L.I.F.E. and helping to make this possible in Eric’s memory.