Eric’s older brother will return to the Ironman Wisconsin this fall

Team L.I.F.E.
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On September 8th, 2013, Eric’s older brother plans to return to Madison for his 6th Ironman Wisconsin.  It is surely going to be a day filled with emotion, as he has not come back to the Ironman since that tearful finish in 2010 (pictured above).  Though he won’t physically be out there following him around with the family, supporting him all along the race, he will definitely be out there in spirit.  His cheers will forever echo all along that course.

Mike is fundraising money for L.I.F.E. to be given towards a leukemia research study at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research that has been dedicated to Eric.  The study is testing a novel combo therapy for leukemia with preliminary results showing that it could provide long-term disease free survival.

Blake Becker, a professional triathlete from the Madison area and founder of the Blake Becker Multisport Club, has generously offered to coach Mike back in shape for this race.  Thank you Blake.