Steve and Lindsey’s stem cells tested

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I took off of work today and spent it with Eric at the hospital.  He is looking much better than he has this past week.  Tomorrow is a big day for him as he will endure yet another bone marrow biopsy.  This will determine how many of his cells are leukemic following his first round of chemotherapy (hopefully 0%).  Last week the numbers indicated he was down under 5%, which is considered as being in remission!  Incredible considering when he was first admitted the site they tested showed that 100% of his cells were in fact leukemic.  He will begin a second round of chemotherapy soon to send him even further into remission to prepare himself for a stem cell transplant.

My brother Steve and my sister Lindsey were tested this afternoon to see if either one of their stem cells are a positive match for the ensuing transplant.  Keep your fingers crossed!

It’s now been 3 weeks and still no luck on getting an online donation account set up, though I’ve been told it will be finished sometime this week. So I’ve said heck with it and officially began to simply collect personal checks made out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! The first one came in today on 1/15/08 in the amount of $100.00!!

Also if you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please let me know, otherwise I will be recognizing people by posting their names on the website.  Again, if you would like to wait and donate online, this should hopefully be made available sometime by the end of this week.

Thank you so much!!