Simon Bairu Wins Chicago Shamrock Shuffle

Team L.I.F.E.
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Long time L.I.F.E. supporter and friend, Simon Bairu, won the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday, April 10th, 2011.  Below is an except from SImon’s personal blog.  Enjoy!

“This past weekend was the 32nd annual run of the Chicago Shamrock shuffle. With a field of just over 32,000 runners it’s the worlds largest 8km race. There was a lot of excitement going into this race for me because it was my first race since the NYC Marathon. The reason why I hadn’t been racing was because over the past 5 months it’s been a consistent barrage of random injuries. The biggest setback was a sciatic nerve problem I incurred that had me out of commission for 3 weeks. The pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced in the past. Every time I tried to run I felt an unbearable shot of pain run from my lower back down to my right hamstring. In the ensuing weeks I began to have problems with my left hamstring, a bit of over compensation I’m guessing. Fortunately, all of that is behind me and I’ve now been training for the past 6 weeks without any interruption..”

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