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Merry Christmas! I got to start my Christmas day off with two pieces of what the hospital calls “sausage,” some corn flakes w/ milk, and a bowl of mixed fruit. The fruit and cereal weren’t too bad, but that sausage tasted like something from outer space.

The first face I saw today was a co-worker from SC Johnson. He and I got to be amazing friends while I worked there this summer. Just seeing his face as he came to the door nearly put me in tears. As he came inside he had something in his hand. It was a picture that his absolutely adorable 3 year old daughter had drawn. He tried explaining to her what happened to me and she insisted that she draw me a picture. I could tell she just dipped her fingers in some finger paint and made 3-4 swipes on the paper. “It’s a rocket!” That’s what he was supposed to relay to me when he gave me the gift. Attached with a paper clip was a small picture of her. If you read this, thank you for the awesome rocket picture! I absolutely love it.

Soon there afterwards Dawn came to visit. Dawn is my ex-girlfriend. We had dated for 4-5 years and she spent every waking moment with me in the hospital the last time I was diagnosed with cancer. She slept in my hospital room every night on these really crappy chairs so that she could be there in case I needed anything. Even though the relationship ended, Dawn will forever remain as one of the most important people in my life. So obviously, she was absolutely devastated when she heard the news. This was the first I had seen her in a few weeks…who knew the next time we’d be embracing each other it would be because I am once again fighting for my life. We both stood there holding each others in tears. Words cannot describe the feelings that I felt at that moment, especially because of our past. We sat and talked for hours. She brought Christmas cookies which I still have yet to work up the appetite to eat yet.

Around 12:30pm or so, my family all showed up to “celebrate” Christmas. We exchanged gifts and shared stories with each other. Shortly thereafter, Dawn had to leave to attend Christmas at her Grandmother’s in Milwaukee. Lindsey, my younger sister, was sadly unable to make it because she had a viral infection. She really wished she could have made it but we all knew the complications that could arise if she did. Oh and I should add that if anyone that is reading this that is maybe thinking about visiting, it is imperative that you are in good health. Any bacterial infection or virus that could be transmitted to me could possibly jeopardize my health. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

It was great seeing my family. Steve and Ashley, my younger brother and his fiance, both came and looked great. Steve gave me an awesome card which is already pinned up on my wall. Mike and Megan, my older brother and his girlfriend, came as well along with a whole container full of chocolate chip cookies (thanks!). Mike and Steve then played some Halo 3 on my Xbox 360. They seemed to enjoy it…especially when Steve slammed Mike in the face with this large axe type weapon. As the day drew on, I grew more and more tired. I was totally wiped out by the time everyone went home.

I laid down to begin my attempt at trying to fall asleep. I have had this lung infection which has caused me to cough constantly, which seems to get even worse when I lay down at night. I keep asking the nurse if I could get a cough suppressant but the on-call doctor keeps telling her that I cannot have a cough suppressant while I am on Oxycodone. Oh well…tomorrow is another day.