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Spinal taps and radiation!?

Hi everyone! Spirits are still pretty high. The side effects from the chemotherapy still haven’t been showing their true colors. I expect them to come full circle by Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow’s post will have some more details with my upcoming treatment options and some of the complications that are involved with those.


Today was a pretty active day. I had a pretty consistent stream of people coming in and out all day long. My mom came first this morning and kept me company until the arrival of one of my very good friends growing up, Becky.



Becky has always been a great person to talk to…about anything really. She is by far one of the most intelligent females I know and has more determination and drive to succeed at everything she does. When I saw her open my door this morning, it put a smile on my face from ear to ear. The last time we got to see each other was at the 5 year high school reunion that I planned for our class in June of this year. We had a really good chance today to catch up on a lot of different things. She will be finishing up Physical Therapy school in the next year and a half and she’s absolutely loving it. Thanks for the visit, Beck!

Shortly after she left, my brother, Steve, and his fiance, Ashley, came to visit. Steve and Ashley stayed for most of the day. We watched a bunch of TV, played a whole mess of Xbox 360, and just got some real good time to visit. I hadn’t gotten to see Steve or Ashley the past few days or so, so it was pretty nice. I am hoping I can get out of here by their babies due date. It would be awesome to see my baby niece shortly after her birth. If not, we are going to see if they can possibly bring her in here and maybe include her in one of my blogs w/ perhaps a picture!


A bit later, my mom’s cousin, Lynn, and her daughter, Dana, came to visit for a bit. Them as well I haven’t gotten much of a chance to see in quite awhile. It sounded like they had a great Christmas and will roll it into an even better New Years.


Overall today, I was feeling pretty good. I really can’t complain much, because during my induction chemotherapy rounds the last bout I was absolutely thrashed. My entire body was ravaged with infection and my body was shutting down right and left. They had me on every antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal that I can think of. By this time during my first bout, my diet was already gone and I could hardly eat or drink a thing…that may be partially due to the fact that my wisdom teeth were all still shredded out of my mouth and fleshy as all hell. Either way, this time is going much better. *crosses fingers*

Soon after Lynn and Dana left, two co-workers from SC Johnson (the company I worked for the past 8 months or so) came to visit. They were both direct supervisors of the work that I did for the company. Jeff is on my right and Shawn is on my left. They are two really great guys with great senses of humor. I really couldn’t have asked for a better team of guys to be placed on for my internship at SCJ. They stayed for a couple of hours and gave me a lot of positive thoughts and shared a few jokes. Thanks for everything, guys!

Dawn came again to give me some company and wanted to make sure everything was okay. She’s not too keen on some of the treatments that I may have to go through (which I will go into detail tomorrow) and she will be coming to the hospital tomorrow morning so that she can personally talk to the doctor herself. I think she’s even more stubborn than me! Imagine that!

By 8:00, everyone pretty much hit the road and here I am sitting down writing about my day. Tomorrow’s blog should have a bit more interesting details; so stay tuned.