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Hey Everyone,

I know Eric just did a video, but we decided I should write a blog to go with it, just because some people have a hard time watching videos and making them work sometimes.

We got some good news today.  They took Eric off the Vanco.  This means it’s one less antibiotic that he needs to be on, and more time he can be a “free man.”  They unhooked him yesterday for a good couple hours and it was one of the best feelings in the world for him.  He got on the recumbent bike that L.I.F.E. donated to the unit .  I was so proud to see him push himself with that.  He did a full mile on the bike, walked back down the hall by himself, and was good to go for awhile. He’s also been trying to get as many fluids in as he can.  He says he’s “Taking the bull by it’s horns” and beating this infection.

Other good news, Eric’s white cells are coming up, along with all of his other counts.  It sounds like he’s getting a bone marrow biopsy possibly Tuesday.  His fevers have stopped spiking as much, but are still spiking a little bit.  We did change some of our staff around for Eric’s care.  We had a team tell him that he needed a lung biopsy, and he did NOT think it was necessary.  I was gone for the whole conversation, but when I came back I could tell Eric was upset.  Eric refused the treatment, and in the end, it was the right decision.  His Doctor even said so.  I swear, by the end of this Eric should be a doctor.

I started writing this blog this morning.  It’s now 8:45 and we’re watching the Packers kick some butt. Eric came back from a lung X-Ray.  While he was gone, his nurse and I went into overload and cleaned, mopped, wiped down, and reorganized his whole room.  We weren’t done when he got back from his x-ray so we sent him down to the lounge.  When we were done I was fully expecting Eric to want to just crawl back into bed.  He surprised me and asked if he could ride the bike again.  Eric has now rode the bike 2 miles today.  While he was doing this, I couldn’t help but stare.  When he was done I had to confess something.

He says he’s pulling all his strength from me…..but honestly, I’m pulling all my strength from him.  I look at him and see him fighting through everything.  He’s doing things he knows will only help a little. But everything he does, he does because he thinks it will help.  He’s so determined to get better.  When Eric wants something, he gets it done.

I have to say, the whole McLean family is like that.  They want something done.  They get it done.  If they can help in any way possible, they will do it.  They would give the shirt off their back if they knew it would help even just a little.  I  know that all of you who read this blog would do it too.  You guys are seriously all amazing.  I don’t know how to put into words how much all the support has helped us pull through this.  A HUGE shout out to his nurse Karen this week.  She’s such a rock star.  If Eric said he wanted her to do back flips down the hallway…she would.  All of the nurses here on this unit are awesome.  Amber, who’s his nurse on the weeks that Karen’s not here, actually just randomly stopped in to visit because she had a meeting on another floor.  It’s amazing to see how much people truly care.

On that note, huge blood drive tomorrow.  If you are able, you should show up.  It’s at the JE Hamilton house in Two Rivers tomorrow from 7:30-12:30.  Like I said before, it doesn’t hurt, and you’re saving a life.  Same with the bone marrow donations.  If you sign up for the registry, I’ve had a lot of people ask if it hurts, or tell me they’ll only donate if it helps Eric.  Truth is, it doesn’t hurt, and you could be saving a life out there.  You may never even get picked to donate.  All you have to do is send in for the test kit, and send it back. Totally free, totally harmless.  If by some chance you get picked to donate, it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Thanks again for everything everyone!