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Hey Everyone,

Neither of us has really updated lately.  We don’t really have any new news at this point.  Eric’s fevers are still spiking, and they are changing around antibiotics to try and catch whatever it is growing in his body.  We have come to find out that cultures grew over the weekend and that they think they may have it figured out.  HOWEVER, with so many doctor’s working on it, we’re hearing a lot of information at once, from a lot of different people.  I know that everyone here wants Eric to get better.  It’s really hard to see him go through all of this.  He will be totally fine one minute, and the next shaking because he’s so cold and a fever is coming on.  Then we have to wait for the fever to hit 100.4 before the nurses can give him Tylenol to break it, then when it breaks, he sweats.  It’s been an endless cycle now for three weeks.  Eric and I both feel like we’re in an episode of House.   So many doctors working together, none of them coming up with the right answer.  Every time the door to his room opens, part of me hopes to see a cranky old guy with a cane telling us what’s going on.

I have been staying in a cot in the hospital room with him.  Somehow one night I managed to sleep through a nurse accidently kicking my bed, and them talking loud while Eric’s fever was breaking.  He and the nurse decided I could easily sleep through a nuclear bomb.

Eric had his Grandpa Alex and his wife JoAnne here, along with Larry Hisle.  We had a pretty full room for a bit.  It was great to see Alex and JoAnne, even though we just saw them at the wedding.  We don’t really get to see them much, since they live in Florida. It was nice they were able to come up.

The highlight of my day was from a nursing assistant.  This particular nursing assistant had seen Eric walking with Larry around to get his exercise in. With the HIPAA laws out there, he didn’t want to approach Larry.  He came in today before Larry had gotten there and told us how one day, after a ALCS game in 1982 Mr. Hisle was on his way home. Naturally, because Larry is a pretty big deal, he had a swarm of kids around him.  The nursing assistant was young at the time, and his dad yelled, “Jason,  we have to leave!!”  Larry apparently stopped what he was doing and said, “Who’s Jason?”  Jason then raised his hand, Larry made it a point to sign something for him first, before all of the other kids.  This stuck with Jason.  So today, when Larry showed up, I went to find Jason.  The look on his face was priceless when he got to see Larry years later.  You could tell it totally made his day.  Larry has that effect on people.  Everywhere he goes, he makes a huge impact on people.  Larry, if you’re reading this, there is no way, I will EVER be able to thank you enough for all you have done for Eric and the rest of us. You are an amazing person, and will never know how much of an impact you have had on us.

On that note, we’re going to bed.  Eric’s got a big day tomorrow.  We’re doing a bone marrow biopsy first thing in the morning. The hope is that in his marrow there are no leukemia cells.  Right now his blood work is coming back as having absolutely no leukemia blasts, which is giving us hope.  The true test is tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll know something more then. It depends what tomorrow’s test shows.  It sounds like if there is ANY leukemia in the bone marrow sample, they’ll have to do some more chemo before doing the chemo that comes right before the transplant.  If his marrow comes back clean, we will do more chemo to knock his cells down again, and then do the transplant.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, love, and prayers.  Knowing there are so many people out there who care is what keeps us going over here.  As soon as we get results, and know what’s going on, Eric may do a video, I may write a blog, or Eric and I may do a video together, but somehow, we will update all of you as soon as we know!