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Hey Everyone,

I haven’t written a blog in a really long time. Truth is, I just haven’t had the energy to.  Eric had me start writing these blogs so I had an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings on all that’s going on, as well as letting you guys see what its like to be on my side of things.  I’m not really a “share my feelings with the world” kind of person.  If you ask my family, they will tell you I’m the worst at keeping secrets. Which is true. I’m horrible. I can blab about anything you want me to all day long.  Just not my feelings or what I’m thinking. So I apologize for the lack of updates.

With that being said…….

Tomorrow is transplant day. Tomorrow we’ll get some cells from some person off somewhere else who was nice enough to donate their time, and their cells to try and help us out. Then we wait.  I’ve never seen Eric go through a transplant before. I’m told it’s almost just like a blood transplant.  The cells go in from an I.V. and that’s that.  Then we hope and pray that it works and the cells grow in his body and fight off any Eric cells and cancer cells that may be growing in there.

Eric’s been hanging in there.  He’s got a plethora of video games to occupy his time.  I think I’ve officially been to Game Stop more than anyone in Manitowoc county in the last week.  They now know me by name as I walk in the door.  I don’t even have to tell them who I am or what I’m there for, they just know. This is something I NEVER in a million years thought would happen.

We also have an amazing support system.  Not just our families, but the more I’m out and about I find that there are people I never met that are thinking about us, or praying for us, or doing whatever it is they believe in for us.  I’ve had people I don’t know come up to me and ask about Eric at Wal Mart. I’m very overwhelmed by the love and support there is out there.

I also want to give a huge shout out to ALL the staff at Froedtert.  Since it’s been about 4 months of off and on hospital stays I’ve seen the same faces everyday that I’ve gone to the cafeteria, the gift shop (Soda’s cheaper in there than in the machines, fyi if you’re ever staying here) or just roaming the halls.  Even the cleaning staff has started up conversations with me.  Eric and I have been here since we got back from our honeymoon.  We honestly call this “home.”   The hospital staff, no matter where they are, or what department they work for, are always ALWAYS there to make you smile, and recognize when you need it.  When they see me, they ask about Eric.  It’s nice to know that not just the cancer part of the hospital cares, but literally, THE WHOLE hospital cares.

I’m going to end the blog by saying that not only is tomorrow transplant day, but it’s also our 4 month wedding anniversary.  I wouldn’t trade my husband for the world.  I am literally married to the most amazing, caring, wonderful man ever.  Even when he’s the one sick, he’s taking care of me.  Some of you have seen on my facebook, but I’m not the healthiest person ever, and I was down and out for a couple days this past weekend.  Eric took care of me from his hospital bed.  I by far, am the luckiest woman in the world to be married to him.  Happy anniversary to the most amazing husband ever.  I love you.