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Eric James McLean – 7/17/1984 – 8/23/2012

We have had many wondering how Eric is doing.  As he is unable to communicate via the computer, we will be his voice.  Eric is resting at his parents home in Two Rivers, WI.  Thankfully the medications he is receiving are finally keeping him relatively comfortable.  He took quite a decline shortly after posting his final confession video.  A pickle and a few spoons of rocky road ice cream are all he has eaten in over a week.  A little water with his pain meds and some to wet his mouth, is all he drinks.  We are told he could actually live a couple weeks because he is young and has a strong heart, hope is that he will close his eyes soon and rest peacefully.  As for his mental state.  Eric continues to mumble things to us and to a point, still understands quite a bit; he still makes us smile and even laugh with some of his comments.  Family and friends have surrounded him with their love. Cards, emails and facebook messages continually stream in; we try to read many of them to him.  The community support has been unbelievable.  Our downtown is adorned with orange ribbons and balloons, there have been balloon and lantern launches, signs posted everywhere supporting L.I.F.E., Eric and our family. The support stretches beyond our little Wisconsin community to the United States and the entire world.  He is being made aware of everyone’s kindness and well wishes.  There truly are no words to express how very much every little kind act, word or gesture means to all of us.  This is an incredibly difficult time for Eric and the McLean family, your support has eased some of our pain.  Know that Eric appreciates everything and as he always ended his videos we will end this update…We Love You All