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When we were contacted by Tyler’s social worker, she told us that “he doesn’t have any energy. Doesn’t run a lot, went fishing yesterday with his Dad. They travel to Tuscon every week and it’s a 4 hour trip. They are Tuesday night until Friday evening for the first week each cycle. Treatment starts Wednesday morning and it’s a full day, so they just stay there for the week. And then for weeks 1 and 2, they are just there for one day. They stay at the Ronald McDonald house when they go. Gas is about $100/week. Follow-up will be weekly for the first 1-2 months, and then every other week or once a month after that. She was SOO grateful that we offered to help. They are super strapped for cash.  She’s applied to help from dozens of organizations over the last 2 months and hasn’t received a response from any of them, until ours. His Mom and Dad are separated so send the check to his Mom’s address in Taylor.”  L.I.F.E. was able to help them with copays and travel expenses to help ease the financial burden.

Tyler T