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NBC 15 News Live interview

My older brother Mike and I are going to be on NBC tonight on the 5:00 news on the Madison network. They said that we would go on at about 5:20 pm. The interview is going to be LIVE. They are going to ask us questions about my diagnosis and our cause. If you are able to watch it, I encourage you to check it out. If you can’t, we are going to upload the video files onto the website so that you can watch it right here.

Also, there will be a second interview that will be aired statewide. Although the second interview is not going to be live, it will still be awesome to reach and deliver my message to as many people as I can. I will also get that video on the website as soon as it is available.

On a side note, I am doing really well. I am feeling pretty close to normal. My energy levels are still kind of low and I get fatigued easily. Other than that, I am feeling good! I will write a full journal later on this week…maybe after my huge appointment on Thursday. This Thursday I have a day long appointment at Froedtert where they are going to put my body through a large number of tests. I should have plenty to write about after that.

Take care!

Click here to watch the interview