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I would first like to thank the Two Rivers High School for promoting the basketball event under my name to help raise money and awareness for cancer research. From what I heard and the pictures that I saw, it was a tremendous success. I also very much appreciated the card from the students with moderate disabilities. The can crushing money is going towards a very good cause. And lastly. I wanted to thank Helen Clarke from the Herald Times Reporter for the articles that she wrote.

Today marks the first day where my counts have pretty much plummetted. When my white cell count goes down…so do I. So today I am feeling like garbage. I can barely stand and can’t hold food down in my stomach if my life depended upon it. But I always remind myself that things could be worse or something and i try shrugging off what little pains might be bothering me.

My dad came down to visit this weekend. I was so incredibly fatigued though that I dont believe we really got to do what we usually do…watch The Sopranos.

So, physically I am not doing that good. Food won’t stay down and my fatigue is very high.

Mentally, now thats an entire different challenge. A never-ending challenge that I will never give up.

Emotionally, after seeing the pictures from the basketball game in TR and reading all of the cards and such…it was intense.