Research study dedicated to Eric is nearing publication

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The research team at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research has informed us that their paper is nearing publication into the Journal of Clinical Investigation!  The study is being led by Associate Professor of Oncology, Dr. Jing Zhang.

In October 2011, Eric and Mike McLean were able to visit with lab director Dr. James Shull and sit in Dr. Zhang’s lecture hall through one of her oncology courses prior to making LIFE’s first donation towards their research.  2 years later in September 2013, LIFE returned to make an additional donation to help keep it going.  Professor Zhang has so kindly wrote the following dedication that will be included in the paper:

We would like to dedicate this work to Eric McLean, who fought bravely with AML for nine years and passed away in August 2012. The Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser For Eric, a non-profit organization founded by his family, provided initial financial support for this project.

As always, we greatly appreciate your continuous support to our research and we are working hard to expand the mouse work into a more humanized model.


Their research team has been working tirelessly towards achieving better treatments, and a cure, for the exact type of cancer our beloved Eric so bravely fought against.  It has been through the extremely generous donations of our supporters, Team BBMC (Blake Becker Multisport Club), and our Team LIFE members, that we have been able to help with this endeavor, thank you all so much.