2017 Recipient – Marcel Vanlinnthompson

Survivor Grant
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Marcel is a 20 year old man originally from Boston, but is now living in Appleton, WI and was recently diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.  We were contacted by Marcel’s social worker who said she found L.I.F.E. by Googling organizations to find anyone that could help him. He has been in and out of hospitals with sepsis, neutropenia, and anemia from his treatment. He was diagnosed 2 years ago mainly in his pelvis area, went onto treatment and was in and out of the hospital with sepsis and neutropenia from his treatment, and anemia.  As of now his tumor is stable and has 4 cycles of chemotherapy left, but his treatment is palliative in intent, and his prognosis is about a year.  Marcel’s birthday is later this month, and would like to take one final trip to visit his best friend in New Hampshire.  We happily not only helped Marcel take this trip, but took care of some other expenses as well.