L.I.F.E. to donate $10,000 to the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, will be live on NBC15 this Monday

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L.I.F.E. donates $10,000 to McArdle, makes 5pm news with Leigh Mills

Dr. James Shull
Dr. Jing Zhang

This coming Monday October 24, 2011 Eric will be traveling to Madison, WI to join up with his brother Mike where they will meet Dr. James D. Shull, the Centennial Professor and Chairman, Department of Oncology and the Director of the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.  They will also be meeting with Dr. Jing Zhang who is directly focused on the genetic events that lead to myelogenous leukemias, and have made significant progress and are currently helping their clinical collaborators to file a Phase I clinical trial.  In 2010, Jing was awarded the American Society of Hematology Scholar Award.

Dr. Zhang also teaches leukemia session in Oncology 703 course, which offers to ~35 graduate students and senior undergraduate students which Eric and Mike have been invited to attend this coming Monday afternoon as well.  Her research is very signficant for us as Eric will be undergoing his 3rd stem cell transplant next month against his 5th bout of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

McArdle is an integral part of the UW Carbone Cancer (UWCCC) and is dedicated to cancer research and conducts some of the most innovative research in the world.  The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research was established in 1940 as one of the nation’s first basic-science research laboratories focused on cancer. It is renowned for its groundbreaking and innovative research, including the Nobel Prize-winning work of the late Howard Temin.

Shortly after the donation, Eric will be interviewed live in NBC15’s studio with news anchor Leigh Mills on the 5:00 Monday News.  Leigh had both Eric and Mike in the NBC15 studio nearly 4 years ago in March 2008 during Eric’s 2nd relapse with leukemia.  He has since relapsed and achieved remission 3 more times, and will be receiving a 3rd stem cell transplant next month.  Click here to watch the 2008 interview.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and kindness.   So many people have volunteered and donated selflessly towards this battle, it’s difficult to describe how meaningful this has all been.  Thank you so very much.