Laura Llorens writes song for Eric, available on iTunes and proceeds being donated to L.I.F.E.!

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Hello everyone,

Eric continues to do well.  He seriously is a living, breathing, miracle.  It is only because he decided to defy the prognosis and fight his leukemia this past year that he is alive.  The majority of physicians on his medical team advised that he simply let the disease run its course and live the rest of his days as pain free of a lifestyle as possible, rather than suffer unnecessary side effects of chemotherapy.  But Eric said no, it was his decision to go ahead and try some experimental treatments.  To everyone’s amazement, his blood is currently testing clean for leukemia cells.  Eric published his last video, #41, earlier this month.  If you’d like to watch it, it can be seen on our website at;

Laura Llorens (formerly Laura Nelson) graduated from Two Rivers high school with Eric in 2002. She has since moved to France and now lives with her husband Michel. She wrote “You’re a Fighter” for Eric last summer in hopes it would bring him more courage to keep onfighting.  Her lyrics, “I remember the trumpet you played, and I remember the speech that you gave…me I moved on through my life abroad, only to learn about you later on.  And you’re a fighter, you are the champ the strongest of the strong, with me there singing along.  Andyou’re a winner, you’re not a cheat, no, you’re the conquerer of defeat” really helped him along. Her new album, The Giving Tree, is now available for download on YouTunes, and 100% of the proceeds from “You’re a Fighter” will be donated to L.I.F.E.!  Check it out!  Laura youare a hero.

Click here to download the song, or the entire album, on iTunes:;

Also click here if you want to watch her sing it live on YouTube for the first time:;

Or click here to watch her sing on France’s version of American Idol:;

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.  L.I.F.E. will need your help again soon – I’ll send out another message in the coming weeks regarding L.I.F.E.’s participation in this year’s Janus Charity Challenge for the Ironman Wisconsin 2010!

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