Larry Hisle and William Henderson visit Eric

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Eric is now on hospice, and only 4 days ago posted his now viral “Final Confession” video to say farewell.

Milwaukee Brewer alumni slugger and World Series Champion Larry Hisle drove to Two Rivers to say hi to Eric and spend some quality time with him. These past few years, Larry has been an absolute pillar of support for Eric and the entire McLean family. To say he knows how to tell a story is an understatement. He has captured our admiration and been an inspiration to all of us, but especially Eric, who has literally willed himself to live longer these past few years. Larry has a very powerful yet humble presence, his smile is infectious, he is always thinking of others. His support has been absolutely incredible. For Eric to be with Larry on this day was very special and forever memorable.

Coincidentally, also in town today, was Green Bay Packer alumni Fullback and Super Bowl XXXI Champion William Henderson. He was just a few miles away near Neshotah beach signing autographs for fans, when someone there mentioned to him that if he could stop by and see Eric, it would be incredibly meaningful. Without hesitation, Mr. Henderson arrived and approached Eric. He got down on one knee, held his hands, and gave him some of the most profound words of wisdom that you could ever imagine. It’s difficult to describe, but it was almost as if God himself was speaking through William. The entire room was brought to tears.

Weak and bedridden, Eric had been unable to sit or stand at all for the past week. Any movement has been extremely painful for him. William recognized this, and skillfully bent down and scooped him up, fully supporting his frame to help him sit up. Together, Larry sat on his right and William sat on his left, they each took their championship rings, and placed them on Eric’s right hand. Eric is now one of the few people to ever have the privilege of wearing both a Superbowl and World Series ring at the same time. It might be difficult to tell from the picture, but that is Eric giving maximal effort to smile. Inside he was absolutely screaming for joy, even though his body was doing its best to not let him.

Little did we know, not only would this special moment become the very last time Eric would ever sit up, but it was also the last beautiful smile of his we were able to witness. Larry and William, thank you so much for your kindness and sincere blessings. Eric is forever grateful, as are we.

-The McLean Family