L.I.F.E. helps another Katelyn!

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Meet Katelyn Crowe (Moss), a 22 year old Psychiatric Nurses Aide from Virigina battling Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia.  We received the following message: “During February my husband and I have to move out of our apartment because I’m physically having so much trouble getting in and out of it. There is 21 stairs to get into it and out of it and I also have to park a good ways away because the parking lot fills up so fast. I physically cannot do the stairs anymore with my leukemia I have just become too weak some days. We have found another place that is perfect and we can move in at the end of February, the only issue is that we can’t pay the deposit until we get our tax refund money back which will more then likely be in March (that’s when we have gotten it back the past several years).”  Well we took care of that security deposit and a little more!  Kick that cancer’s butt Katelyn!!