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Katherine is a lovely 26-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer on Jan 2, 2014. Two years ago, she had an area of the breast evaluated and physicians felt it was most likely benign. No biopsy was done. When it grew and continued to bother her, she had the lump removed. Everyone was very surprised to find that the “benign” lump was breast cancer. She married her long-time boyfriend 5 months prior to her diagnosis.  Katherine works as a nurse in an ER, and her husband is a dedicated elementary school teacher.  She is off of work right now recovering from surgery, and would like to take even more time off during chemotherapy, but is unsure how much she will be able to take.  Living on her husband’s salary and affording medical bills has been difficult for them.  In addition, the couple had planned to take a honeymoon in March, and would still like to go since her doctors have agreed to let her start chemo after the trip.

Through the generous donations made to L.I.F.E., in some small way we have been able to help out this young woman get through this difficult time.

Katherine – if you’re reading this, we wish you all the best!