January 12, 2011 – Eric’s leukemia has returned

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Hello everyone,

Last week Friday Eric had a bone marrow biopsy, today the results came back positive.  Levels show that 1% of the cells in his blood are blast cells.  His team of physicians at Froedtert are already mounting another massive offensive against it.  Lindsey’s lymphocytes will again be harvested and infused into his system (DLI, Donor Lymphocyte Infusion).  They plan on dosing him with 10x more than last time in an effort to induce a graft vs. leukemia effect.  It is unknown yet if they will be using chemotherapy in the fight.  A combination of Decitabine/Mylotarg was used in 2009, and Mylotarg has since been pulled from the market.

Eric was actually scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Jan. 13th) to have a full hip replacement performed on his right hip.  The chemotherapy he’s received over the years caused the ball of his femur to weaken and break, and the blood supply has ceased.  This operation has now been cancelled as he will need to be as healthy as possible for the upcoming leukemia treatment.

Eric and his fiancee Cari need your support again now more than ever.  Their wedding date is planned for this coming July 16, 2011.  Please pray for him, give him strength and courage to fight this another time.

The McLean Family