Help L.I.F.E. raise 1 penny for every 100 cancer patients before September 12th!

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Hello everyone,

Today is August 12, 2010, and just one month remains before the Ironman Wisconsin on September 12. We are going to try and raise $2800 for L.I.F.E., representing 28 million people in the world affected by cancer, or 1 penny for every 100 cancer patients. This year I am entered in the Janus Charity Challenge, a unique fundraising program that makes additional contributions to the beneficiaries of the 50 top fundraisers at each Ironman (as much as $10,000 to the athlete who raises the most!). To date, over $6000 has been raised for the L.I.F.E. Organization. This year, Janus has chosen Eric and I as their feature story for the Ironman. Team L.I.F.E. should also have our new custom triathlon and cycling uniforms in by then, so you’ll be able to spot us all and cheer us on! Raising that additional $2800 would put us very close to the reaching the $10,000 mark which would be incredible for our first year as a non-profit. To help us reach this goal, a family member has committed to donating an additional $1000 if we are able to achieve raising the $2800. Please help! To donate, simply go to and click on the Donate button on the bottom.

Just last week Eric spoke at the 2010 Relay for Life in Two Rivers, WI.  Check out the video below, or watch it by visiting our YouTube channel by clicking here.
He has been receiving regular follow-up bone marrow biopsies to monitor his condition, the most recent one just a few weeks ago, and the results came back clean! Eric has now been in remission for 8 months and looks strong as ever.

It was one year ago that doctors gave Eric just a couple of short months to live. Amidst everything, I had suggested that maybe I should try competing again in the Ironman to help rally further support. While laying in his hospital bed, he asked me to spend more time with him, and that if I put it off and register for it next year, and that he would be there to watch. His pale face, bald head, and frail body told me that just wasn’t going to be possible – but the determination in his eyes told me otherwise. Tears streaming, I wanted to believe him. So, I volunteered at last year’s race to help guarantee myself a spot, and signed up the very next day. If Eric said he was going to be there, it meant he would need to have the fight of his life. It also meant I was going to make damn sure I’d be doing my best too. A lot of work was put into making L.I.F.E. become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and I’ve been training my ass off for this race since the day I registered, quite literally. I’ve worked off over 25 pounds already this year alone. A local professional triathlete, Blake Becker, has also volunteered his time coaching my workouts every day to make sure I’m fit and ready.

100% of the proceeds raised from our organization will be donated directly to the children and young adults with cancer that need help. We are working directly with Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital as well as the LIVESTRONG organization to help identify those individuals, and an application for assistance is available on our website.

Thank you for all of your love and support.

Mike McLean