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Hi everyone. I still have a pretty intense headache from that spinal tap so I am going to keep tonight’s blog fairly short.


Started off my day with an early visit from a friend from SC Johnson. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk to him at all since his internship ended this summer so it was nice to be able to see him again and catch up.


Derrik and Tom also made an appearance today (old roommates ofmine and great friends from Whitewater). We visited for quite awhile and talked about a lot of stuff. It sounds like things at the old house I used to live at haven’t been the same since I left. It’s a lot more quiet now and there isn’t too much going on. First thing I do when I get out of here is we are going to head over to Famous Dave’s for some BBQ…looking forward to it!

Dawn brought in pizza for dinner which I scarfed down with my dad. It was from this really good local pizza place. Loved it.


Shortly afterwards, my friends Nathan and Josh came with Nate’s girlfriend Sarah. We also visited for a good amount of time and talked about all sorts of political things. Nathan is going to law school at Marquette so he is always good for conversation!

Anyways, sorry to keep tonight’s post short. This headache is becoming extremely annoying and I hope that it is gone by tomorrow.

Good night all!