Happy New Year 2010!

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Happy New Year!

Rocky Raccoon 100

As the new year rolls around, we look back and reflect on everything that happened in 2009, it’s been one wild ride of a year!  We wish everyone a very healthy and happy 2010.  Yesterday former Milwaukee Brewer Pitcher All-Star, MVP, and Olympic Gold Medalist Ben Sheets chatted with Eric over Facebook, signed our guestbook, and donated $250 to the organization.  Shortly after, the Curtis Waltz family, donated $500!  We have gotten a ton of support through donations these past two weeks, it has been absolutely incredible.  The day is coming when we will have enough to pay it forward in a really big way.  It is going to be an awesome sight!

Yesterday, Eric went to another check-up appointment in Milwaukee, and everything still seems to be going ok.  It seems likely that Dr. Bredison will perform another DLI (Donor Lymphocyte Infusion) procedure very soon, one 5 times as strong as the last one, to help induce Graft vs. Host Disease in hopes that a Graft vs. Leukemia effect also develops to fight off the cancer cells that are still there.  We will keep you posted!  In the meantime, since Eric’s health has returned to a somewhat “normal” status, he will also be making the move back to Milwaukee and eagerly returning to work at Harley Davidson!  Go Eric!

In other news, in about 1 month’s time, in an effort to spread awareness even further of LIFE’s mission, Mike will be racing in the Rocky Raccoon 100 – a 100 mile marathon trail race through the woods of Texas.  He will be wearing his LIFE jersey and racing alongside Chris Clausen, the same man that was on Team LIFE triathlon relay back in August.  They have been training hard through the cold and the snow to get enough miles on their legs to withstand the grueling distance.  Wish them luck!