Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!


December 15, 2009 – Eric, Mike, and Mary will be visiting Pewaukee Lake Elementary School this coming Monday. Lindsay Draeger, a Kindergarten teacher there, and her students have been very supportive of Eric and are planning to make a donation to L.I.F.E. with money that they have raised!  As with all donations, 100% of it will go towards cancer research.  Thank you so much!

We also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Eric will probably post a new video soon, but this past weekend he and his girlfriend Cari went to visit New York City, something Eric has always wanted to do. By mere coincidence, Mike had reserved a flight to go out there on the exact same weekend to visit friends.  So they all met up and went to see the Statue of Liberty together, and what do you know, Mike and Eric also ended up on the same flight home!

Stay warm and Go Packers!

-The McLean Family

Happy Holidays!