Focus on Eric on Easter

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An attempt to save a life. This event amounts to everyone thinking and praying during one minute on Easter Sunday, beginning at noon, CDT, that leukemia will be driven out of Eric McLean’s body and brain.

Eric McLean needs a miracle. At 27 years old, he’s been fighting cancer for a third of his life. However, we believe in the power of positive thought and prayer! That is why we are asking you to say a prayer or think a positive thought for Eric on Sunday, April 8, 2012 (Easter for Christians and the 2nd Day of Passover for Jews) between 12:00 noon and 12:01 CDT. Perhaps together we can give Eric strength and comfort as he makes his, perhaps, last stand against leukemia. It is our hope and prayer that millions of people thinking about Eric at the same time will create the power he needs to beat this. It’s called focused energy. In Eric’s words: The reason that these years have been the best is that I think that I might have had a somewhat positive impact on your lives and perhaps your understanding of what cancer is and what it can do, to both those of us that it has personally attacked and those of us who know someone who is going through it.

Eric is giving it one last fight after many, many tries over nine years, this time with massive amounts of chemo. With our prayers and mental energies focused, we can help him finally win the battle.

Remember Eric on Easter, at noon, Central Daylight Time.