Decitabine/Mylotarg Treatment is working!

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Eric went into Froedtert Hospital this morning for his second round of the Decitabine/Mylotarg treatment.  We also got preliminary results from his bone marrow biopsy yesterday that this new treatment is working!!  The cancer cells are down by HALF!! Absolutely incredible, we’ve been bracing ourselves all week for these results, and this is exactly the outcome we were hoping and praying for. They will continue giving Decitabine/Mylotarg to him on an outpatient basis every other week until he is hopefully in remission.  Once remission is achieved, there will be some more options on the table.  It may take a few more rounds before that happens, but at least he is on the right path!  You can check out the video he posted today after getting back by clicking here.  Also please note that Eric is currently Neutropenic, meaning that he has no immune system, so if you plan on visiting and have any symptoms please wait until you are healthy.  🙂

Thank you so much for all the support!  Much love!

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