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Round 5 – Update #5

Hey Everyone,

( I left some things out last night)

What I didn’t mention in my blog yesterday is that they are doing this really cool test on Eric. It’s  a white cell scan.  We had no idea what this entailed, and honestly when we first thought about it, it kind of sounded scary.

Now that we know what it is, it’s pretty cool, and I’m a little sad I missed the beginning process and I won’t be able to see the end process.  What they do is they take some of your blood, separate the white blood cells, and then they add a radioactive tag to it.  They then put it back in your system.  The idea is to see where the white cells go, and if they gather in one certain spot over another because that would lead us to the source of infection.   The medicine world is TRULY amazing in that aspect.  Who would have thought that you can actually put markers on your cells and watch what they do?

Now let’s hope they find out what’s going on in his body so we can take him home and get him all built up for this transplant.

The other GREAT news we got is that they found a match and are already working on getting it going.  Like I said in a post before, it’s a long process for the match to get retested.  They have to be 100% sure it’s going to be the best match possible for Eric. So, the process has started!

I can NOT wait for the day, when I come home from dance all stinky and sweaty from teaching my little dancers, and there’s a healthy, happy Eric waiting for me there.   It’ll be the happiest day of my life when I get to bust him out of here for what I am calling his LAST cancer treatment, and into our home, so we can start decorating, having kids, and building our lives together.

Thanks again!