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Well I told myself I wasn’t going to post anything again today and that is mainly because I cannot seem to shake this headache. I have had it since the spinal tap last Thursday. If I lay motionless, the headache will subside, but as soon as I move or do anything I have an instant migraine. The doctor’s are doing what they can. They have been giving me fluids intravenously, blood transfusions, and platelets. None of those have worked. They have also been giving me various pain killers but nothing has worked. It’s not that type of headache. It’s purely based on the level of brain fluid in your brain. So until my body replenishes the lost fluid from the spinal tap, I will continue to have these headaches…ugh.


I had some guests yesterday. Sarah, Blaire, and Becky all stopped by. Sarah and Blaire brought another piece of cheesecake, which I scarfed down.


They also brought the movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” I haven’t seen it yet, but I will probably check it out once this pain goes away in my brain! They also gave me the book Catch-22. It is a fiction book about World War 2. I’ll probably start reading that as well soon enough.

This coming Thursday I will have my bone marrow biopsy. The results of that will dictate what the next steps are. If they results come back with leukemia in them, then they will start chemotherapy right away on Friday and I will begin another round of induction chemo. If the results come back negative and I am in remission, then we will wait 10 or so days for all of my counts to come back up (white blood cells and so forth), and then I will be able to go home for a week maybe to recover and prepare for the bone marrow transplant.

Lindsey and Steve (my other siblings) are going to be tested in the next couple of days to determine if they are viable donors. Let’s hope!

Good night, everyone! Headache is still pounding so I am going to log for the night.