Ali goes to Camp Mak-A-Dream

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This past month, L.I.F.E. was contacted by Alyson P., a young woman from Wisconsin battling colon cancer.  Ali was interested in spending some time at Camp Mak-A-Dream in Montana, an 87 acre facility that provides medically-supervised, cost-free Montana experiences, in an intimate community setting, for children, young adults and families affected by cancer.  But she couldn’t afford the travel expenses to do so.  Thanks to donations from our many supporters, we were able to send her!  She put together a fun video documenting her trip, and thought we would share it with you!  In her words “I met so many wonderful people here, and made so many friends, and just had so much fun over the past 5 days that I don’t want it to end, and I don’t want my friends to go home. But the cool thing is that now I have friends all over the country, and Canada.”

We’re so glad you had a wonderful time Ali!  You’re an amazing person!