2019 Recipient: Chris Beeman

Survivor Grant
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Christopher Beeman and his wife Leah have 3 small children.  Chris was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2019 and had 8 inches of his shin bone removed and replaced, and as of June 2019 is now receiving chemotherapy. One month before diagnosis, Chris tried to open new auto body shop in Appleton, which is unfortunately now having to close its doors.  His wife Leah is doing her best to work full time, but they are still struggling with childcare and medical costs.  They had also recently lost their home, and needed a place to live for at least the next several months.  At the time we received his application, Chris had 17 weeks of treatment remaining.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our donors, we were able to raise funds for Chris and Leah and help them with housing, food, and travel expenses to and from treatments. We were also able to “adopt” their family for Christmas and deliver some presents to go under their tree. As always, we have virtually no overhead expenses and are entire volunteer-driven, so 100% of all funds donated are given directly to the family.

Thank you again to everyone for helping to make this possible.