Donor match?

Well...I'll come right out with it.  My younger sister, Lindsey, is a perfect match to be a donor.  They said over the phone that she was an equivalent match like Mike.  Knowing that, I am sure my doctors are all talking about what the next move is.  With her being a perfect match, we can now pursue her as an option as being a possible donor.  I am still not sure what we are ultimately going to do...and I think the doctors are on the same page.  As for me, I have an appointment with one of my doctors tomorrow at Froedtert in Milwaukee.  They are doing blood labs and a general checkup to make sure that I am still healthy.  I am going to move back to my apartment after my appointment in New Berlin (which is 8-10 minutes from the hospital) and live there for the next few days.  I am going to make a visit down to Whitewater (my college town) to visit friends and try to experience some more of this normalcy on Saturday. 


Lindsey and Me


I am feeling really well at the moment.  All of the side effects from the chemotherapy have pretty much worn off and all of my counts are probably in the normal range.  I feel...."normal."  Going back into the hospital for more vigorous treatment is the last thing that I would like to do, but I know I have to do it.  There really is no choice.  I think it's worse this second time around knowing what I have ahead of me.  I think I would rather not know than know.  Either way, I will most likely be readmitted to the hospital next Tuesday when I have my bone marrow biopsy.  It was originally scheduled to be this past Wednesday, but they weren't able to get me scheduled in for a biopsy until next Tuesday.  All that pretty much means is that I get that much more time to live life and do everything that I won't get to do while I am there lying in a bed.


Anyways, I am sure as the next week comes, and I get some results back from the biopsy, that I will have a lot more to tell all of you.   As for now, just know that I am feeling much better and that things are going really well.


Take care everyone and have a nice weekend!





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